This blog is about the things I am keenly interested in. The list can be long and vary with the seasons (my fickle mind!) but this is what it will start with:

  1. About books, writers and writings. I love reading old classics especially 18-20th century French, Russian, American and Indian literature so I expect these will feature regularly.
  2. Cinema. Again likely to be a mix of French, American and Indian.
  3. People. Emotions, inspirations and frustrations.
  4. Life – coping, surviving, growing/ageing and art of living. A big part of it would also be living with and accepting regrets.
  5. Travel. Places, food (high priority), art and culture.

It might grow or it might shrink but the basic idea will be – “Learning to Live”

I will probably write about the challenge and politics of work too but did not think it worth mentioning separately as it can largely be covered under “people” and “life”


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