Finding friendship and companionship

I thought about writing this post after meeting couple of friends for dinner and drinks on Wednesday evening. I got back so late that there was not time enough to reflect and write.

But it did get me thinking about the topic. What I find especially interesting is observing how people make friends, what it means to them to have a friend and how their sense of self comes into play in reaching out to people and making friends.

Some people tend to be confident and out there and they make friends easily wherever they maybe. For other quieter sorts it can be a slower process.

But sometimes behind the easy friend making of the very confident types can be a desire to be liked and admired by more and new people, a need for external validation. The more value they place on being “liked” can look like a reflection of the lack of value they place on themselves.

It is a very tough and confusing world. We are constantly being bombarded with images of perfect people and perfect lives whether it is on Facebook, TV or magazines.

It makes it so easy to lose your sense of self and self-worth.

We all need reminders of what is important and what is not.

Some people though do seem to be wising up to the realization that the number of facebook friends matters very little if you have friends you can count on and share your joys and sorrows with.

I think it very difficult but important to take the time to make friends with your own self, understanding and being kind to your self, becoming familiar with your multitude of emotions as a priority. Then seek to forge connections that enrich, empower and embolden you even more. I will write more at some point about the need to be selective when looking to form these connections and making friends. Remember, you can have more acquaintances than friends.

Lastly, just want to finish up by saying there is more than one way of doing things and there is no single right or wrong way. But we all need reminders on what matters and what does not.


Hello world!

This is my first post……again!

Giving it another attempt as previous ones did not go through as hoped but giving at another shot as desperately wanted to write, to let the words fall on paper, hoping it would help create some space in my over crowded head.

Hopefully third time will turn out better than the first and second times.

So here we go….

And as the name suggests I think there will be some shadows of past experiences and some reflections with the benefit of hindsight.